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"Statistics show that 1 in 4 women in the US is a victim of domestic violence, those numbers jump to 1 in 2 if they are married to a cop.

Law Enforcement officers beat their significant other at nearly double the national average. Several studies, according to Diane Wetendorf, author of Police Domestic Violence: Handbook for Victims, indicate that women suffer domestic abuse in at least 40 percent of police officer families. For American women overall, the figure is 25 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Cops Beat Their Wives & Girlfriends At Double The National Rate, Still Receive Promotions | The Free Thought Project (Photo Credit: CopBlock) 

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Breaking The Male Code: After Steubenville, A Call To Action

 (Left to Right): Peter Buffett, Jimmie Briggs, Joe Ehrmann, Tony Porter,
 Dave Zirin and Moderator Eve Ensler.


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Early female sexuality, AKA why statutory rape laws are important


  • Before age 15, “a majority of first intercourse experiences among females are reported to be non-voluntary*.” [source]
  • A detailed qualitative study of girls’ loss of virginity found that they “were almost all quite negative (and, in some cases, horrific).* [source]
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the appropriate response to slut-shaming [x]

Reporter: When girls are young they like the attention guys give them, but then when they get older they start shouting and saying they’ve been exploited.

Pari: Are we torturing you? We are forcing you to be with us? I’m sorry that you are so tortured.

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"There is this devaluation of women."

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❝ Wow Elsa, you look... different. It's a good different! ❞

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