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This one never gets old.

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Cognitive therapist Mary Anne Layden on predatorial permission-giving beliefs and the grooming of victims in a porned digital-information age.

"When information is passed using words the listener typically weighs and assesses the believability of the message. When we hear words we tend to hear them as ideas or opinions, often the listener is counter-arguing against those ideas inside their heads. You can be deciding right now that what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense and you can be challenging my verbal statements internally. But unlike words, pictures don’t work that way.

None of you are counter-arguing against the fact that I’m sitting here or that this is a table. Pictures are mentally processed as events, as facts, and are stored unbuffered and unchallenged. If you see it, then it happened and is true. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

The Internet is an ideal medium for the spread of sexual permission giving beliefs. The sexual Internet sites by their very nature say that sex is a commodity for sale. Anything that you can buy, you can steal.

Sexual images of women and children are entertainment, sexual access becomes an entitlement, the individuals who are in these pictures do not appear to feel degraded, abused, physically and visually invaded. They appear to be enjoying the interaction. It’s an event.

Perpetrators now ‘know’ that children like to have sex with adults, they know it’s true because they have seen it. Perpetrators show these images to children to break down the inhibitions of children. Children now ‘know’ that children like to have sex with adults. They know it’s true because they have seen it.

For both the predator and the child these images produce permission-giving beliefs.” - Dr. Mary Anne Layden, Porn in Library

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I'll be on the set of SVU tomorrow for work. Anything you want me to ask Olivia? DUN DUN
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OH MY GOD!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! I can’t even think of anything! Could you tell her you have a friend who is going to law school to prosecute sex crimes because of her!? 

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Maybe I should just say, “Get the government outta my fucking snatch.”

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So fucking powerful.

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Rewatching the last SVU

Is there some chemistry there between Olivia and that Lieutenant? I think so. I have to say the best line of the night was from Lewis, “There’s no chemistry there” about Brian, we were all thinking it. 

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during Beast’s Obsession last night, Olivia calls herself “detective” instead of “sergeant.” I think she just sees that a girl needs help and falls back into the habit of those words she’s been saying to comfort people for 15 years. She’s such a sweetie <3

Or maybe she got demoted for lying!! 

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